Yeezy and other heipiess issues

Number five guys be different I remember when I was in high school in college and everyone was pretty much stressed the same you have the preppy kids over here who dressed apart you have the punk edgy kids who only wear black and then you have the hyphy stee high-fashion kids who only wear low and they don’t mix you know no one’s leaving their group to go talk to another because it’s just you can’t do that you cannot do that but guess what I did because I had my own style I was friends with
all of those grooms all right I didn’t have a set style I had my moves
sometimes I like to wear edgy clothes I have a bunch of pairs of Yeezy and other heipiess issues and I like to dress sharp in polo or the car ending on the occasion so why do people try to blend in with your group of friend use your style to be yourself be different go off your personality and most importantly to stand out well aren’t gonna notice you if you don’t do that don’t be invisible that’s never gonna get you anywhere number six guys invest in high quality bases and I know that when I say this a lot of people get scared because they’re like well I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a plain white t-shirt and I get it you can spend $100 than a plain white to you there’s no need for that it’s not what I’m saying but something like dark washed denim for example that’s gonna last you years you know you can wear the same black Jean for a long time people will never notice I have a lot of clothes that I probably wear the same black Jean more times a week don’t tell anyone the same exact one even though I have three different black jeans I just like the way that this one fits me it fits me really well save up get a nice pair of white sneakers brown leather shoes a nice pair of black trousers and a nice white button-up shirt and that’s because these things will fit you better they will feel better they will last you longer and most likely save you money in the long run because you’re not gonna have to replace them every couple of months
number seven guys get a nice bag whether you like a backpack or weekender bag like this one here if you’re gonna have it with you the whole time then it’s time to get something nice you can wear the coolest outfit but if you throw on a dirty old backpack well there goes that you have just murdered that outfit rest in peace how about you get something like this that not too many of your friends have one of these bags right well that’s perfect let’s be different let’s be cool and be proud of the things that you have so you’re going for a backpack here we don’t get the same exact backpack that every dude had when I was in school I didn’t see it at the time but now looking back I definitely every year of school was a different brand that was the cool brand and everyone had the same exact backpack in just different colors and that is so boring change it up be yourself get something different get something fun that’s why I like fashion and style so much guys because you can literally match what’s inside your personality with what’s outside the physical part of you yourself that’s what’s different don’t blend in stand out be yourself as if you made it this far don’t forget to check
movement it is listed in the description below they make some amazing watches like I said I’ve been wearing this for three years it adds some character to the band which is really cool it’s mostly on this side so I really like how it changes you can get different straps different watch faces so I really like this brand they’ve been blowing up lately so check them out and then of course follow me on instagram at alex cost and subscribe if you like this video now we’re almost 1.5 million i definitely wanna get to 2 million as fast as possible and i can’t thank you guys enough for being supportive thank you guys so much for watching and i’ll see you again soon peace

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