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What’s up everyone my name is Alex Carson you guys are always asking me to do with style tips for young men well today is your lucky day because I’m going over seven style tips that will make you look better than everyone else around number one you got to work on that hairstyle man ass guys we got a master at least two to three hairstyles that we can Rock depending on our mood or aesthetic that day what I mean by that is if you’re going for a denim jacket you could rock the messy
hairstyle because it gives off that careless vibe you’re rocking a leather jacket you might want to go for a slicked back hair style to really nail that badass look if you’re going for a casual t-shirt and jeans well then maybe you might want to go for a clip and use a high hole Matt clay to make it look effortless and cool if your hair is too short for any of these and why not let it grow for a bit you know honestly even three to four inches would be enough to give you a variety of style so you can switch up your look whenever you feel like it number two do not be afraid to dress up every time I post a picture on Instagram which either way the guys aren’t calling me there yet you should it’s at Alex Casas and I give you guys a lot of inspiration especially when it comes to style but every time I post a picture that I’m dressed up in or a youtube video like my look books that I’m dressing up well guess what you guys asked me do you think I can pull that off can I wear that and most of the time the answer is yes you can definitely pull that off and I say most of the time because obviously it depends on the occasion you shouldn’t wear a shirt and a tie to go watch a football match with your buddies right it’s just common sense it doesn’t look good it doesn’t matter but if you’re going out to someone’s birthday or a nice dinner then it might be okay to do that so don’t be afraid to raise the bar within your friends circle number three what do you think will make your outfit better if you’re standing next to a guy who is wearing the same t-shirt same jeans and same exact shoes accessories I love accessories because they take a basic outfit and turn it into something completely different it is basically an instant upgrade and what’s the one must-have accessory that we always talk about here on the channel a nice watch movement has some of the coolest watches in the game I’ve been wearing their watches for years I got my first one three years ago for Christmas this one right here yep I’ve had this guy for three years now they sponsor today’s video and they have
some really dope new styles so check these out this one is from the blacktop series it is a larger face or your friends and people around you will 100% notice the swatch I wore it to an upcoming lookbook video which you guys will see very soon on my channel I love the white face and the tan strap it matches so many of my outfits and I’ve also been into this great one here it’s one of my favorite just because it’s different from anything that I have in my watch collection and I have a lot of watches but definitely nothing like this one here I also like the stainless steel mesh strap it changes things up a lot it makes it look different and stands out and by the way you can get different straps for your movement watches on their website so you can basically go something like this something like this in a few seconds these watches are well-made well-designed and no matter what you’re wearing they will complement your outfit and take it to the next level

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