Italian handmade acetate frames

That’s why I love geometric frames and I’ve told you this you need to pick some up boys if you don’t know where to you already know Jade black boys you can get these Italian handmade acetate frames and geometric shapes that are on trend for under 50 bucks it’s the same thing that you’re gonna find for designer brands but way way way more fun number 13 tailored jogger especially great ones because you’re gonna look like a frickin snack you already know women thirst strap over great joggers like crazy if you get them tailored well your package is gonna be printing and she is gonna be melting inside this is why you want tailored ones on top of them actually making you look good and being able to be worn outside so it doesn’t look like you’re just lounging at home these exact ones are from essentials and one of my personal favorites hence why we designed them this way
they’re super tailor to the point that they look like trow 14 black is shoot that’s what I’m wearing right now black jeans are essential boys just a neutral base Jean that’ll go with everything whether you’re pairing it with the t-shirt a hoodie or a dresser black jeans just always look slick and work with your style number 15 a flannel yes a flannel this is a basic boys they’ve been in style now for a couple years and they’re gonna continue being in style this is a classic and when you throw it on you can either go for the classic lumberjack look or you can layer it over a t-shirt that like a white t-shirt like I talked about and go for more for a street wear aesthetic the versatility of it is insane and how stylish you’re gonna look you’re gonna be untouchable and that’s basically for this week’s winner guys those are 15 wardrobe essentials basics every two needs for this new decade if you guys liked this video and found it informative don’t forget to drop us a like down below also boys don’t forget if you text me at this number I’m giving you a $600 t-shirt from Isan Laurent one of you guys is gonna be texted three days from now that’s it for me today

again if someone’s wearing t-shirt and jeans and white sneakers it’s fine you know it’s alright but if you throw this bad boy on to match your white sneakers it changes everything so go check out their website they have so many amazing options I’m sure you’re gonna fall in love with at least one of them I’m gonna link their website in the description right below this video so check it out and yeah if you like this one let me know because I’ve been wearing this a lot I think it’s different it’s cool I don’t really have anything like this like I said so you’re gonna be seeing this a lot especially in my upcoming lookbook video number four your sense guys if you haven’t experimented with different sense yet you’re missing out big time think about it when you smell something nice when a girl walks by you you just get carried away by how good she smells sometime and honestly you probably don’t even care about what she’s wearing because you have your eyes closed you’re like oh my god that’s nose he’s credible so it changes everything the whole experience the right fragrance will complement your outfit perfectly so I suggest you start trying some
different scents to find your fave I have so many videos on fragrances for men I’ll make sure to list them in the description below so you can go and check them out

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