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information like I said for you to kill it and in this decade you’ll need these in the decade because they’re essential now what I recommend you guys to do is to have shop tagger on your computer if you’re watching on the phone you click the link down below and download this free program that I have on my phone too it’s a free app to download the cool part with shop tagger is that when you see me talk about these items as I’m telling them when you’re surfing the web you can tag them and create lists this is the best way for you to always remember what it is that you need so whenever you got spending cash let’s say you got an extra hundred bucks you can go back to the list and see what it is that you need to buy to make sure you’re not spending recklessly that way you can get your essentials for the new decade now the cool thing with shop tagging like I said it’s free to download and even better it also gives you discount code so the beta program is cool because it offers you any coupon combs that are available at that store and this works with everything even better on top of that it also reminds you what those items are restocked or they go on sale Chomp tiger is gonna send you a push notification or an email that the price has been now been dropped this feature alone has saved me up to 70% off certain items so if you do any sort of online shopping I’m gonna need you to click that link down below and download this to your phone and your computer so as you watch this video you can start tagging these items and you’re on track and like I said it’s free 7 a simple crewneck sweater they’re gonna make any outfit you put this thing on look better and you can even replace it with the basic t-shirt and you look and look more sophisticated or you can layer it on top of a dresser and really up the notch with the level of complexity that you’re gonna have and how much more stylish you’re gonna eight I call it the base suit this is something I promise you you’re gonna need more than once in this decade and something you’re gonna be happy that you listen to it just this type of suit when it fits right when it’s a navy or a charcoal it just makes you feel like the man in charge 2479 your everyday hoodie God men’s was getting more and more casual because that means you can wear a hoodie daily and be seen a stylish rather than lazy like you’re would back in the day if you want it to be a cool modern one this one from essentials it’s perfect because it doesn’t have any drawstring so it looks pretty sweet and the kangaroo pocket is hidden and the seams when you wear this one you just look more elevated 10 dark base and what I mean is your underwear that is the base of every outfit you’ll ever put on if the base is weak nothing you put over is gonna matter because when that girl undresses you she’s gonna laugh at you if you’re not proud of just walking around in your underwear in front of your chick then they’re not good enough you got to keep looking essentially you want something that’s dark with a thick waistband because it makes you look sexier and overall more mass 411 a nice top coat
I was recently gifted a cashmere
double-breasted top coat by my wife and gah

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