Men’s New Collection in Market (2020)

And you take it easier boys in order to get you prepared for what’s to come and do so gracefully in the new decade here are 15 wardrobe essentials that you must and you heard that right your boy just said must because well they just are jose zuniga approved tried and tested and by doing so by listening to me you can finally make a resolution this year that you’re gonna actually keep in 2020 you’re gonna dress better and you’re gonna do so because you’re gonna have these 15 wardrobe essentials in your closet and also by the way I’m gonna help you guys out you know this Isan Laurent shirt it’s 500 bucks plus shipping and taxes you’re looking at a $600 t-shirt I was wearing one the other day and everybody’s commented like oh my god why was I wearing it well I was wearing it because I bought it for a video and I just don’t just throw them away afterwards I had to show you the differences and therefore afterwards it’s still in my closet so I wear it for videos but what I did is some of you decided that you guys liked it so I bought another one tags and everything and I’m gonna give it to you one of you guys and all you got to do is text me that’s right that right there is my personal number when you text me I’m gonna save your number on my phone and you can save my number on your phone and then three days from now I’m gonna text the winner through there so you gotta text me and yes boys you got style questions relationship questions any type of question I’m gonna try to respond back to you guys remember there are thousands of you but yeah you want a 600 ollars t-shirt just shoot me a let’s hop into its number one noise
cancellation headphones it’s not only a clout move but it’s also a good way to zone out the haters and really focus on what’s important number two a moleskin classic notebook because it makes you look smart and astute as hell so pulling this thing out just makes you look like a boss this actually is an accessory that you can carry and your outfit to elevate it and you can pull it out to write your thoughts or your endless to do or productivity 3 a pen that you can be proud of I got this particular one for Christmas I’m not gonna insult you with how much it was but it is a
beautiful pen and just imagine being in a business meaning you got let’s say to write a check and then you slowly lean back you pull this sucker out looks like a cigar you make him wait by the way slowly unscrew it you take the pen out your sign you slowly put it back screw it you put it in your pocket you’re gonna look like such a boss because this accessory when it comes to your style just Elle
it makes you look like a dude that made it that’s an impression that’ll last on the other person forever before a clean white t-shirt colored t-shirts they’re amazing but white tees they just knock it out the ballpark they’re crispy and that’s others know that you’re crisp plus it’s such an easy item that you’re just gonna wear daily with absolutely anything and you can layer under
anything because it’s so basic five loafers that go with everything my go-to loafers are the Gucci horsebit loafers these are classic iconic recognizable and they look good with everything whether it’s shorts chinos suits or jeans these things will automatically elevate any outfit you wear and it is a baller move if you want a cheaper option you could go with the g-h
Bass penny loafers these go for around ninety nine hundred bucks so they’re a good affordable number six a watch that you could be proud of you see a watch is a simple status plus also style and I think every guy needs at least one watch in their collection that cost him a pretty penny that he actually had to invest into now there is no secret number to this I personally think that anything over three to five hundred dollars is not only expensive watch but also a respectable watch so whether it’s a Seiko v series owing a mega man on the move this is the type of watch that you can have in the collection that can mean something and you could be proud to wear everyday now I know I’m talking about a lot we just threw six items I got nine more to go

golly it has changed my life now I’ve always loved top coats because they just make any outfit look sleeker even if you throw it over a hoodie however this cashmere one is on another level and I’m legit proud to wear it every time and by the way it’s super soft the point is you need a good top coat boys because it’s gonna elevate your outfit and make you feel close to number 12 outfit elevating glasses for me those are geometric frames these are the type of glasses that most would never wear because they don’t think about it because they don’t know if they’re in trend and on top of that when you throw them on they
structure your face and elevate your outfit because they are on trend

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