This fashion show is themed on different states of a beautiful country India fashion in India has thousands of years of tradition behind it India has a rich and varied textile heritage where each region of India has its own native dress and traditional costumes in Indian culture the body is invested with various meanings and reflected in its rich sculptural tradition decorating the body is yet another way of conveying meaning and personality Indian history the kinds of costumes and accessories wall can be seen to fulfill two criteria simplicity and opulence in either of instances the choice of clothing is dependent on the page person’s religious orientation and state traditions Indians Federation is composed of 28 states clothing in India varies from region to region depending on ethnicity geography climate and cultural traditions of the page people of that region in this show we are representing only a few states [Music] the first date – come on stages jumbo Welker speed German fish beam is an honorable state to figure an ancient persian emperor has described it as paradise on earth [Applause]
ohso Pradesh Uttar Pradesh ranks first and domestic tourist arrivals with more than 71 million owing to its rich and varied topography vibrant culture festivals monuments ancient places of worship [Applause]
delis Delhi is known as heart of India and as a culture which has been influenced by its lending history and historic Association as a capital of India but job the historical region of Punjab is considered to be one of the most fertile regions on earth the name of the region dispersion and origin and means the land of fire rivers [Applause]
Maharashtra is a huge stone house of time start and culture which has been reflected to its posts caves palaces hence it is called the land of rocks go go ah isn’t your small estate by area the first thing that comes to mind when we think about Goa is its pristine and romantic beaches the state is also defined as the land of sun sand and sea the intermingle of eastern and western cultures is greatly reflected in its pressing style of the going people [Applause] thank God
West Bengal the state of India which is synonymous with rich culture an endearing tradition course of its pulsing skew seen vibrant festivals and traditional clothes [Music]
miserable travelers tifa’s around the hilly state and not the eastern part of India can never forget the hospitality and colorful costumes of its people the land valleys hills lakes and rivers miss Iran is one of the seven sister states of northeastern part of India ahsha’s Gujarat the trance is one of India’s most industrialized States its unique culture and tradition is clearly manifested by the dressing style of the population the state is known for its rich historical facts wildlife and forests and highly developed economy [Applause] [Applause]
Nardo double sato has a history that goes back to thousands of years starting from its cultural and traditional accomplishment to the architectural magnificence and more Tamilnadu has a special charm of its own [Applause] Oh
Kerala Kerala is one of the most beautiful States in India sandwiched between the Western gods of the east and the Arabian Sea on the west a tropical paradise of waving pounds and white sandy beaches this thin strip of coastal territory slopes down from the mountain guards in a cascade of lush green vegetation the people of in Kerala enjoy Paragraph a unique cosmopolitan outlook which is reflected in their tolerance towards other races and religions hence Kerala is known as God’s own country here we represent the three different religion of Kerala Hindu Muslims and Christians Oh
[Music] you interested [Music] sexy so they need additional you [Applause] [Music] bitch it was burning No that’s a dish from see in those funny some say gotta be sure Oh [Applause] [Applause] Open publish panel Document Block Paragraph Start with the building block of all narrative. Text Settings Font Size Choose preset Reset Drop Cap Toggle to show a large initial letter. Color Settings Advanced Skip to the selected block

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