New Yorkers now wear masks and gloves in public soldiers are deployed to help extraordinary times and even aid from unusual places

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Reality Bites refrigerated trucks outside a Manhattan hospital to store bodies because the morgue is full under the gaze of the Empire State Building on the street signs that people realize it’s serious
New Yorkers now wear masks and gloves in public soldiers are deployed to help extraordinary times and even aid from unusual places.


I love that expression you go to war with what you have not what you need right we’re not at the apex so we’re still in the stage where we have the luxury if you will of gathering as much as we can so the 1,000 ventilators and was from China and the 140 from Oregon and was still shopping the rest of the United States is watching New Orleans has opened a medical support facility in a convention center to ease the strain on local hospitals
it’ll take kovat patients too sick to be at home but who don’t need intensive care right now as is being accurately reported in New Orleans that region all these Jefferson parishes that’s the biggest hot spot that’s where we’re most likely to exceed our capacity to deliver healthcare the soonest and and so that’s where we’re working the pandemic is not only spreading fear it’s also awakening gratitude for those risking their health for others

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I’m now joined by DWS Pablo Foley Elias Pablo you’ve had experience covering this in administration having only just arrived from being our correspondent in Washington President Trump has said that there going to be a lot of deaths what do you make of that strategy well it’s you know if you follow a president from quite closely it’s often quite hard to follow him because his strategy is at times very difficult to follow

President Trump had to say in his last appearance in front of the American public

You know and with particularly with this situation here we’ve seen him contradict himself often he’s gone against what actually the health officials have been saying and often in these long press conferences that is being holding there have it’s been at times very confusing for the American public to really see what the strategy is I think before we get into any greater detail that we should really listen to what President Trump had to say in his last appearance in front of the American public so let’s take a look sure this will be probably the toughest week between this week and next week and there’ll be a lot of death unfortunately but a lot less depth death than if this wasn’t done but there will be death we’re looking for an obvious focus and the hardest hit regions some of them are obvious and some aren’t so obvious they spring up they come and they they hit you like you got hit by a club I mean you know it’s it’s very strong what he’s saying there you know he’s warning Americans that you know there are gonna be a lot of deaths that what they should expect this in the coming days and weeks and but also one thing that’s quite interesting from President Trump is that the economy which is very important for President Trump and let’s not forget has been sort of always present in when he’s been speaking to the public and he sort of even said in the press conference that he wants Americans essentially to get back to work as soon as possible but of course we know that this is not going to end in the next few days or weeks and that’s also a message that’s being sent out to people it’s confusing as well and he’s saying to people as well to use a malaria drug which you know his health officials have been saying hang on this is all anecdotal let’s not be using this also he’s been saying he’s not going to use a mask himself even though saying
that it is actually something that’s you know good for people to use so very confusing very hard to follow really what the strategy is in the meantime of course in the United States is a lot of talk about there not being some sort of federal guideline about how to approach this coronavirus .

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The federal government leaving it up to the States how are Trump’s actions his behavior during this affecting the strategy of individual states well like I was saying it’s very hard to follow the strategy and it’s you know if you look at some states which are in particularly in the southern states Republican states will say I’m just gonna name a few of them Alabama Arkansas Mississippi three states which you know our relatives are very poor compared to other states such as New York and Washington state in California New York obviously has huge numbers of infections and you know these are areas which are being very lacks about this and and you know there’s been a lot of criticism saying why are you taking this approach they haven’t really have forced people to make take any serious measures and could it be because of President Trump .

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