Bengali ladies wear red outskirt and white Sarees since its their customary wear. Exceptionally you will discover them wearing this during Durga Puja , they wear on vijaya dashami while playing sindoor khala (Sindoor khala is a custom in our Bengali culture). Be that as it may, kindly don’t contrast this and Holi/Dol.

The blend of red and white is viewed as favorable in Bengali culture. ( Like you can discover ladies in Kerala wearing white Saree with Brilliant fringe ).

White represents immaculateness while red represents her fruitfulness. For the most part wedded ladies wear this. This can be wear in any reverential occasions, strict services or social capacities.

Characteristics OF THIS SAREE ARE:-


  1. Garad
  2. Murshidabad silk
  3. Dhakai Jamdani
  4. Baluchari
  5. Tussar
  6. Tant

Kolkata, The White cotton saree with the red fringe, called Lal Paar Saree is synonymous with the ladies of Bengal. Saree and Bengal are genuinely synonymous with one another, conventional clothing for Bengali ladies is typically the Saree.

The Sarees are not just worn at the hour of Durga Puja however are a fundamental piece of a Benali Lady’s closet. All the Different styles of sarees wore by Bengali ladies, the quintessential red-and-white sarees-the Korial, the Garad and the Tant-are maybe the most popular, especially on the grounds that they are worn as a group during the state’s Durga Puja celebration festivities.

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