Want to do Unique & Different Dupatta Draping Styles in one minute??
so lets go
Is your sister’s wedding?
Is your Brother’s wedding?
Is your best friend’s wedding?? blah blah….
As wedding season is here
So today I am gonna show how you can style a dupatta in five different and unique styles how awesome this zig zag dupatta draping style you too want to learn
first hold dupatta in a tilted way at the corner and divide into two parts
now place the mid section of dupatta at your shoulder slightly pulling it towards front
its not gonna to be too short while following a complete round that’s why we’ve done this
now join both the borders like this
now turn it inside out and fix a pin like this and secure the left over fabric with safety pins like this as we need to keep the border little lengthy likewise fix some more safety pins at the back side and border is ready to fix
to avoid its movement you need to secure it with blouse using a safety pin now just follow a complete round of it and take it towards front and secure it with your Lehnga like this and say bye-bye to your old boring style of Dupatta Draping and try our this unique style
If you’re a newly bride
try out this style of dupatta draping
first hold the one end of dupatta
and secure it with your Lehnga sidewise now follow a complete round with the left over fabric and take it in front you need to stretch the border which is near to the belly so as to create some wrinkles like this now take it to the shoulder
tightly pull this border and secure it with a safety pin and keep this second border slightly loose so as to get this V shaped
wow!! have you seen this amazing dupatta draping??
if not then learn it now
again secure it just like that we secured in our last draping style now take this border towards back
secure the border using safety pin to avoid it from moving and now gather the left over fabric like this now join both the borders like this
and secure it with safety pin from back side and secure the left over fabric
where you’ve fixed the safety pin
leave a little gap and again join the border with safety pin as we did earlier and then place the border to your shoulder and slightly pull the second border like this this mid section clearly visible after opening it like this secure the border with the blouse at the end like this so as to avoid its movement here and there also don’t forget to secure the dupatta from this shoulder side now slightly open up this fabric fall in front like this you can secure both the ends with Lehnga using safety pin like this If you feel uncomfortable with deep neck blouse then must try this draping style
first divide it into two equal parts
and join both the borders
and keep the fabric little longer from the back side secure this border like this
and secure this setting with blouse using safety pin and tuck in this hanging fabric inside
for perfect draping tuck it in a slightly tilted way first border should be aside like this
and second border is at the centre of your belly like this secure these with safety pins to avoid it from moving and secure this corner with your bangles using safety pin this style a bit resemble to that Bengali style of draping comment below if you too feel like it
If you feel uncomfortable in showing your tummy then must try this style
first divide the fabric into two equal parts and set the border likewise that we did earlier and then your border will look like this and just style your dupatta like this
this style looks so awesome
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